Hi. I'm Sam.
 I just want to thank you for taking a look at my little project here. A Stool Among Chairs is a blog I started for various reasons, but right now the primary goal is to give me a little public venue to show some of the fun short stories I write. I enjoyed writing, and hope that others can enjoy reading. My first, and still probably one of the best stories, is Death of the Flies, a quick venture into a world of war. (and by that I mean eating chocolate bars and killing bugs.)

One day, I want to become a full time writer, or something like that. Why not join in my journey? Put your email in the bar above this post and you'll be notified every time I post something new, with the cool bonus of not having to frantically refresh the blog to see updates.
Real simple!

From there, if you like what you see, take a gander at some of the other short stories I've posted through the past year and a half. Most are a little on the funny side, some are excursions into writing exercises, others are me poking fun at my own writing.

This coming year, I'll be running with NET Ministries, which is an organization that reaches out to young people all over the country. Check out this post if you're interested in hearing more.

Thanks again for taking some time out of your busy schedule to take a look. And don't forget to subscribe!


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